MCE 1501 MCE Warning Plate Lamp

A warning plate lamp to give indication of an impending speed restriction, used on Metronet’s Infrastructure.

The MCE Miniature Warning Lamp is designed to fit in the four foot to give an advanced warning or a variety of hazard situations in depots and for possible use on Network Rail Infrastructure (subject to approval).

The unit fits neatly in the four foot (clear of the conductor rail) and below the vertical clearance height to allow the unit to be fitted in the correct location, locked and left in place allowing traffic to pass over it.

The unit can be supplied with either the lamps on day and night or night time only. The unit has two flashing yellow aspect lights; LED powered and can be supplied with red or white, if required. Different colour aspects are available.

The Unit is powered by 2 No standard lantern type 996 6 volt batteries or alternatively can be supplied with a sealed lead acid rechargeable battery, giving extended battery life. This unit is robust and easily fitted.

Weight 3.5 KG

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